Karl Marx's Not Your Incubator

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The media I have selected, titled “Not Your Incubator”, relates systemic misogyny to the physical autonomy of a fertile woman. This image illustrates a pro-choice message using juxtaposing symbols of objectification and aggression. The contrast between the background image and the text causes the viewer to evaluate the context of the image as part of the societal whole. This image is a D.I.Y. protest piece inspired by liberal “Riot Grrrl” feminism. While the Riot Grrrl movement was limited in its intersectionality, the media it created has inspired thousands of young women to take up an active role in combating misogyny. The Riot Grrrl movement shows how overarching societal conflicts can affect the lives of those harmed by such conflicts and…show more content…
Karl Marx coined the theory in the 1800s as a way of describing the class struggle he was observing. Conflict theory relates societies inequity to those it supports and oppresses. It states that we cannot achieve true equality because society upholds oppressive power structures. Karl Marx believed that a truly equal society could only be achieved through communism. He predicted that oppressed working class “proletariats” would someday become aware of the system that forced them to suffer and revolt against the middle class “bourgeoisie” who controlled the means of production. The oppressed working class would be liberated once the means of producing societies basic needs fell into the hands of those who worked to produce them. Marx used conflict theory to describe the way the oppressive capitalism system effected the lives of the working…show more content…
This image shows how an average American teenage girl could engage in a revolutionary act- with a pen, a printer, and paper. Conflict theory helps us study the oppressed. Why do we have oppressive systems? Who is harmed by them, and how are they affected? How do the oppressed conflict with their oppressors? This image highlights the objectifying nature of anti-choice ideas. Using the word “incubator”, I conjured the image of a caged chicken with their egg amongst a bed of straw. Rather than debate when “life” begins, I felt the abortion debate should focus on observable realities. Fertile women can become pregnant without their consent. One does not agree to the implantation of a zygote. This is an automatic function of a fertile human body. In a society that values choice as highly as Americans do, should we not extend that autonomy to the human body? I believe it is unethical to revoke a person’s right to consent. Abortions have been performed for thousands of years. Kathleen Hanna, who could be called one of the founders of third wave feminism, expressed her opinion in a 2015 interview for The Daily Beast. “"It’s about women not dying in back-alley abortions, but it’s also about women saying: 'My life is worth it, too. I deserve to have control over my life and my health care. ' Imagine if a man was told, 'You can’t make the
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