Karl Marx's Sociological Perspective

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Karl Marx’s Sociological Perspective
There are few people that combine sociological perspective with other sciences, this is a unique style created by the sociologist Karl Marx. Even though he is considered to be one of the founders of sociology do to his contribution with this science, few people know his true career; most people don’t know that he was truly a versatile man. Apart from his social science career, he was also an economist who made many contributions related to capital management; he was also a column writer for the newspaper of Cologne, but his true career, and the one he was really interested in was politics. He considered himself as a ‘’revolutionary socialist’’, making people twist his phrases and quotes for their own favor
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Marxism is a theory created by Karl Marx’s followers. Although Marx expressed that he did not consider him as a Marxist, and that his followers took advantage of his radical newspaper columns for their own purposes and twisted his words, however Marxism became very popular during the 19th century. Marxism consists mostly of Marx’s theory called class theory or class structure. Most of Marx’s theory includes works from other well-known social scientists like E.P Thompson and Mario Tronti, who in some way were the inspiration for Marx to write his books about sociological thinking.
Marxism has a style that is unique. No other theories that are not related with sociology are applied to this social science. People that shared Karl Marx’s ideas where very comfortable with including sociopolitical and economic terms to this style. However this unique style had not only positive things, it had some disadvantages, which nowadays are very significant for persons who work on analyzing speeches and newspaper
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Some of the mistakes he did was including a lot of socialist ideas that were grabbed by the articles Marx wrote on the radical newspapers from Germany, or by twisting the words he expressed, to make him seem like a communist leader whose purpose was to make all people equivalent except for him, and gaining all the control of a country. For this and for many other reasons, Marx was forced to leave Germany. Another topic from Karl Marx’s theory which is nowadays questioned by modern sociologists is something known as class structure or class division.
Class structure is the way Karl Marx divided the social classes. Plenty of people considered this as an offense during that time, which is the reason why his works are so criticized nowadays. Nowadays, we all know and understand what class structure is. We know that social stratification is the way we are divided socioeconomically speaking and that 's the way it has always been to us. When learning about history, teachers love to compare and contrast the people focusing on factors such as wealth, social status, occupation, and power; this is what Karl Marx
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