Karl Marx Theory Of Exploitation Essay

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This work will look at Marx’s concepts of exploitation and how Marx’s comes to his theory of exploitation. This will include looking at how Marx viewed capitalist society and how this capitalist society was created. This will enable an explanation of exploitation. Karl Marx (1818-1883) is thought of as one of the founding fathers of sociology and his work in the mid nineteen hundreds is still discussed and taught today throughout the world. Marx developed an understanding of the term capitalism, as historic events such as the French Revolution 1789-1799 and the Industrialisation became key to a change in society. For Marx, capitalism refers to commodities for sale that in-turn makes a vast profit above wage-labour and costs. The industrialisation led Marx to his idea that the most prevalent relationships in society were formed as part of a structure based around how goods and services were produced. Marx viewed capitalism as an exchange market. Production was for exchange not for need. Marx discussed the relationships between the modes of production and the workforce and sees this as the base of society within his superstructure of society. Marx refers to all the…show more content…
The bourgeoisie are the profit-making class, they own the factories or machines needed to produce commodities then in turn to sell and in turn then make a profit he discussed the circuit of capital. Production is reliant on working class the proletariat the wage-labour. The proletariat must sell their ability to work to survive so they must sell their labour for a wage. The proletariat does not own their means of production, they do not own what they produce or benefit from any of the profits which they produce. Marx sees this lack of means of production and wage-labour as exploitation as the bourgeoisie sell the products or commodities back to the proletariat at a higher cost than the actual production
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