Karl Marx's Theory Of Modernism

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According to Harrington and Michael (1981:6-22) Marxism is a political theory of Karl Marx, who describes Marxism as the worlds perspective based on the systems of society and a method of the general publics analysis, which focuses on class structure and the conflicts of society, this uses a materialistic connotation of historical development, and a dialectical view of their social transformation. Therefore modernism is an analytical movement that critics the cultural trends and altars, which arises from a variety and beyond change in the Western culture. This essay will be discussing a modernism artwork and analysis based on Marxism’s critic.

George Lukacs (1975:6) is a Marxist critic his theory
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According to Shields, Keats and Daniels (2012:12) Ramos gained recognition in the 1960’s; women and commercialised subjects are his perspective in his artwork. His work has a contemporary style influenced by the likes of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. Ramos work wasn’t really appreciated by feminists; reason being, most of his artworks is based on naked women, which comes across as being offensive towards society and provocative (Modernism:2000). The artwork also relates to the Art Nouveau movement, which has decorative art and architecture characteristics. With organic lines that are feminine like are the flowing lines that are being depicted on the subject as she’s holding an object in her hand, which could be a veil that has been stripped off of her…show more content…
Males are not exploited sexual like women are this is regarded as them being taken advantage of in the media. According to Cohen (2014:1), the theory in Marxist argues that a man 's material interest, his wish for ever-increasing material gain and comforts, are his main motivation, forget the simple fact that the words "idealism" and "materialism" as used by Marx and all other philosophers have nothing to do with psychic motivations of a higher, spiritual level as against those of a lower and baser
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