Karla Brown Case Study

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Direct Evidence- Karla Brown was found face down in a bucket of water with her hands tied behind her back. The investigators found that the body was staged, two soacks were neatly tied around karla's eyes which was unlikely if there was a struggle. The soacks were also from inside the house, which meant the killer went through the house. The electrical cord that tied karla's arms back were to loose to restrain her. She was found with a sweater that she wouldn't wear in the summer, the sweaters button were fasten with wouldn't be possible if she was in a struggle. The couch in the basement was damp with blood on in and around it, the coffee pot from the kitchen was hidden in the cliening floor board and was said to used to cleaning off the couch. There were two men interviewed due to the fact that they had a verbal exchange with Karla not to long before her murder. Both men had alabis and past a polygraph test. Several years after the murder new technology was used to recreate injuries that were found on the body. It was…show more content…
He said that the killer would be inexperienced with killing someone, he would be a white male in his late 20's. He would have a sloppy appearance , have troubled history with relationships, knew the victims ruiten, was problably already a suspect. The most strange thing of the psychological profile, that would drive a volcswagon. It was later found that the man that was interviewed before was the one that murdered Karla. John Prante took Karla Brown into the basement, hit over the face with a TV tray, he then bit her and strangled her. After the atack he took off he clothes changed her into a sweater, tied soacks on her eyes and tied her arms back with a electrical cord around her arms. He later put her head in a bucket of water while she was till unconscious. John Prante was charged with Karla brown murder and sentenced to seventy five years in
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