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I actually believe that Gattos essay was more or less written as a form of an attempt as general persuasion, primarily directed to the general population but it could also be written to just about anyone who has been around or even possibly grown up in the American school system. While this essay was written after his career as a teacher it provides little insight into how he himself taught while he was in the same position. It seems that he is clearly frustrated with the American education system and while he may have made attempts to change it, he clearly displays his overall frustration on paper in this essay. While he never really comes out and states that school is important, I receive the impression that he does think that education is important, however it’s more as though he believes that the current lack of that initial spark for learning is severely lacking from the current education system. I, for one believe he is right however aside from his essay it doesn’t seem as though he has attempted to lobby very much support for this change. I think you are absolutely correct that he could have made a change, and he may have in some of his students, however he allowed his passion to fade into frustration and in doing so this viable opportunity was able to elude him.
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If the reader is possibly in the same type of situation it can possibly inspire in them the need to improve their current situation and see that if one is will to work hard that goals are attainable no matter what the obstacle is. If we would be able to combine the passion that Gatto clearly exhibited once with the inspiration that is almost palatable in Rose’s essay into one person, then my friend we would have a very powerful
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