Karma In The Ganga

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Scarcity of resources, massive overpopulation and a plethora of other problems are felt by the people of India, but one closer to their hearts is becoming harder and harder to ignore. The Ganges River is regarded as one of the most sacred places in India as it runs through nearly the entire northern region of the sub-continent. It is also seen by Hindus “as a gift from the gods- the earthly incarnation of the deity Ganga”, yet human and industrial pollutants have and continue to turn it into an open sewer. Hindus who recognize the severity of the pollution are deeply offended and alarmed at the disgrace and degradation of their holy place, but others choose ignorance. It is because of the spiritual importance of the Ganges as a place of purity and holiness that cause some to believe that it can heal itself. Nevertheless, hope remains for the future of the Ganges. Karma is a core concept of Hinduism that could be used to inspire Hindus around the Ganges River to take action in restoring its pristine beauty. Good karma often results in a higher caste in the next life; by participating in cleaning the holy Ganges, Hindus would see it as cosmically favorable, ergo inspiring action. In Hinduism karma is defined as the Law of Causation and is directly attached to a cycle of reincarnation called samsara. This concept defines “Hinduism’s understanding of existential and cosmological issues”, and furthermore can determine a Hindus place in the Caste system. After one understands

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