Karma In The Most Dangerous Game

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Yannick Noah, a professional tennis player and co-founder of a charity organization, once said, “I believe in Karma. If the good is sown, the good is collected. When positive things are made, that returns well.” (brainyquote.com). Karma is shown in countless ways every day to most people on a daily basis. Karma assures that what goes around comes around and that almost everyone who is the predator becomes the prey.
Adolf Hitler did not think twice about ordering millions of soldiers to kill millions of innocent people until karma backfires at him. Hitler is a horrible man although some may disagree, he has done so many horribly unthinkable things that assure he is horrid man. When the world war, that he started, is almost to an end, Hitler is finally going to pay for what he has done. The Russians are only days away from taking over the chancellery so Hitler has to decide. He can either escape to a small town elsewhere, stay and be killed, or kill himself. Hitler did not want to feel all the pain that he gave to others, so instead he decides to kill himself and have his wife, Eva kill herself too. They both swallowed cyanide capsules and Hitler also shot himself assuring
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Rainsford’s previous perspective as the predator, led him to not think about how the prey would feel, until he becomes the prey and realizes how terrifying it is. When General Zaroff tells Rainsford that he has to become the prey, while General Zaroff voluntarily is going to be the predator, Rainsford starts to think about how it feels to be the prey. Rainsford realizes how terrifying it is, while he is being hunted by General Zaroff, fighting for his life. Rainsford finally experiences what karma feels like, but instead of the prey (Rainsford) getting killed by the predator (General Zaroff), the prey kills the predator so Rainsford did not entirely feel what it is like being the
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