Kashak Family Analysis

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The Kashak Family and Jews ' Tale have many differences and similarities. Both of them have many adventures to face and problems to solve. It was a hard time for many people. People getting killed, hurt, left behind, being displaced, not cared for, etc. Here 's some more information about the Kashak Family and Jews ' Tale. The 1st similarity is that they both have to do with something about the war. The Jews ' tale had refugees taken out of their countries. They tried taking the refugees to the German, but they didn’t want them. They tried taking them to other countries, but no one wanted them, so they either took them to internment camp or killed them. They were doing everyone a favor. Now, the Kashak Family, they moved to a new life in…show more content…
A second similarity is they both involve people getting killed. Kashak family moved to Syria because of the shootings in their neighborhood. "Families are seeking safe haven from war and terror." "The families become targets of suspicion and hatred." Ignorance and fear is doing this for these families. Messenger 's sentiment is "But the danger Syrians face is less because of their religion and more because their home country is a war zone, where thousands have been killed." Another piece of evidence is," On November 13, the Islamic state group killed 130 people in Paris, France." More and more people are getting killed every day the longer we wait to do something. " 'Ultimately, it 's all grounded in the human condition. It 's grounded in human need suffering, and here 's a case where we can do something. '" We could provide humanitarian for these people is we tried.
Last but most certainly not least, is they both have a hard time surviving. Most refugees would do almost anything to survive. As Kutzmark says, " 'My heart breaks each time I see a photo of a frightened Syrian family fleeing for their lives. '" " 'So many religions, including Unitarian Universalism, teach that welcoming the stranger is an essential part of living a life of faith, we seem to have forgotten that. '" All refugees ever want is freedom, but they could never get it because people won 't be fair to the world and to themselves.
In conclusion, Jews and Syrian refugees have many things in common. They
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