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In 1947 October, the British Indian subcontinent split into 2 independent area followed by different religion, which is India and Pakistan. India was Hinduism, and Pakistan was an Islam. During this separation, some of the Native States were under the England`s direct ruling, and this states` incorporation became problem between two countries. Kashmir is the one of those problems that India and Pakistan are having. Kashmir is geologically located middle of India and Pakistan, but religiously most of residents are Muslims. However, Maharaja the east part of it was Hinduism, which is India biased, and in 1947 they recognize the India merge of Kashmir on tenure to send the military for defending from Pakistan`s Kashmir
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To simplify, residents who believing Islam want Kashmir be affiliated to Pakistan, but the leader of the Kashmir was believed in a Hinduism. So, they unilaterally decide to recruit into India. Therefore, the trouble between India and Pakistan started.
One of the major events happened in Kashmir conflict would be the first war happened between India and Pakistan, which started in October 1947 and ended in December 1948. In September 2, 1945, after the World War 2 ended, British policy in India was dismantled and India formally became an independent country in August, 15, 1947. However, due to the effect of conflict of religions, Hinduism based India and Islam based Pakistan was finally separated. British policy held the various princely states, and most of the states were included in either Pakistan or India. However, Kashmir, a place where in middle between Pakistan and India presented a serious problems. The king of the Kashmir, Maharaja was Hindu, but 80% of the people in there were Muslims. Because of this, it became to be put under pressure of where Kashmir should be belonging to. Pakistan thought that as
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British India achieved independence in 1947, but due to the religious issues, the Hindu region has become India and Islam region has become Pakistan. However, Pakistan had divided into East Pakistan and West Pakistan. East and West Pakistan was far away each other. India was between the East and West Pakistan, the distance was about 1,000km between them. There were some big differences between East and West Pakistan. Language, economy, culture, race were different. Moreover, no great leader who can marry East and West Pakistan had appeared. Then, complaints from the East Pakistan people had continued to rise to the governments’ unbalanced policy toward inequality. In addition, the West Pakistan had monopolized the government and military posts, and also controlled the economy. Because of the civil war between West and East Pakistan had occurred the refugee problem. This had made the relationship to become worse. In the process of chasing the guerrilla, India and Pakistan had conflict at the border and it naturally precipitated the war between two countries. Pakistan wanted to end the war by the surprise air attack. However, the Indian hangar was very strong and they lose only 45 aircrafts, when Pakistan had lost 93 of them. India had used USSR’s aircraft that can use the radar to 450km range. This had led India to

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