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A 49-year-old male, Mr. Kasim Al-Mutar presented to the emergency department with his 12-year-old daughter. The nurse believes that Mr. Kasim Al-Mutar is of an ethnic background and has brought his daughter along to act as an interpreter for him otherwise the nurse believes that Mr. Kasim Al-Mutar is a single parent or has a partner who was unable to look after their daughter for him whilst he needed to go to the emergency room, which is the reason she has come with him. He has come in with the complaints of right upper quadrant abdominal pain, fever and vomiting. These presenting symptoms are not typical complaints of patients that are of the same age and gender as Mr Kasim Al-Mutar. Cholecystitis is more
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Kasim Al-Mutar has an HR of 126, BP of 100/45, Temperature of 38.8 and severe RUQ pain associated with his last episode of vomiting that occurred 2 hours ago. His heart rate is slightly elevated and he is running a slight fever. He has been reported to be pale in appearance with dry mucous membranes. He has also been requesting drinks of water. Mr. Kasim Al Mutar has reported to the previous nurse that he has shoulder tip pain scored at 7/10. The nurse believes that his oxygen saturation levels and respiratory rate have been missed when the previous nurse handed over Mr. Kasim Al- Mutar, due to him presenting with pale colour, caused by reduced blood flow and oxygen being delivered to his tissues, because of lowered oxygen…show more content…
Kasim Al-Mutar has a heart rate that is slightly elevated and that he is running a slight fever, as well as that he is hypotensive. In relation to his blood pressure, he needs to have his treatment plan revised. They also know that his upper right quadrant pain becomes severely painful after an episode of vomiting. The nurse knows from the indication of vomiting and requesting a drink that he must be dehydrated, this is also indicated by his dry mucous membranes. His report of having shoulder tip pain indicates to the nurse that there may be a possibility of gallstones. The nurse expects there might be reduced blood flow and oxygen being delivered to his tissues indicated to him presenting with pale colour. The nurse would expect a patient Cholecystitis to present with upper abdominal pain that localises to the upper right quadrant then radiate to the shoulder/scapula region causing pain. Vomiting and report of a fever are generally present. Mr. Kasim Al-Mutar has not been documented to be jaundice, however, this is expected in most cases of Cholecystitis. The nurse’s diagnosis for Mr. Kasim Al-Mutar is that there is pain related to a possible obstruction and inflammation in the gallbladder. The assessment findings of Mr. Kasim Al-Mutar his abdomen appears to be convex, asymmetrical and distended, there was normal bowel sounds, when percussed there was dull sounds in the right upper quadrant caused by the inflamed or obstructed gallbladder and when
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