Kassandra Cannon: Serial Killer

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In the dark and evil city of Dobrum, eight-teen year old Kassandra Cannon got around town by climbing up buildings and jumping from roof to roof. No one ever saw the black haired girl in her hooded cloak for she was very stealthy. She had no friends for she learned at an early to trust no one. When she was thirteen years old, her parents were killed in a “semi-truck accident,” however Kassandra knew that it was not an accident. Her parents used to work for a powerful man with lots of secrets, if anyone found out his secrets he always made sure they would keep their mouths shut. This is what happened to her parents, and ever since that day she vowed to avenge her parents by taking the life of their killer, the evil boss. She had never killed before, but it was her only option of revenge because the police had no evidence against it being a murder case rather than an…show more content…
After her parents death she was sent to her great uncles house to live, but in less than a month she quit school and ran away to live on the streets with complete freedom. It was during this time that she learned to run from roof to roof and throw knives with the acme of perfection. By the time she was sixteen she had already killed four people who were trying to hurt her and she was a “wanted vigilante” well known for skilled pickpocketing and store
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