Kate Carmack's Influence On The Klondike

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women who made it to Klondike and sold claims, took over the kids and fed the family when the men were gone, and provided and covered up jobs and other duties men took up before they journeyed to Klondike. An example of an influential women was Kate Carmack, also known as “Klondike Kate.” Kate was a very strong woman; she had a strong compassion and understanding with miners. “As a dance hall “percentage girl,” Kate danced with the miners after her performances, earning commissions on the drinks she sold. My best night I earned 750$, mostly just talking to a lonesome miner.” (Page 75 of “Gold Rush Women”) This quote comes to show that women who worked near Klondike in bars or other places had a strong emotional impact on miners. During this time, miners realized the difficulty and odds they had for getting rich, and they were very desperate and miserable. However, Kate managed to loosen their spirits, and though she didn’t do all that much, women like her still had quite a huge impact on affecting the miners of the klondike gold rush. Some women also decided to take on the challenge into the journey to Klondike. They were perseverant and believed that they could strike it rich too. One example of this was a 55 …show more content…

However, these factors not only contributed greatly towards the outcome of the Klondike gold rush, but also resolved to have a long-lasting effect on a larger scale. For example, the economical trade mentioned in this Gold Rush changed the economy in Alaska and the United States. Also, the harsh environments documented by prospectors allowed future generations to realize the difficulty and fraud of the Gold rush, consequently causing the Klondike Gold Rush to be known as “The Last Great Gold Rush.” Therefore, these factors must not be avoided or under looked as they contribute significantly towards the event as a

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