Feminism In The 19th Century

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The 19th century, also classified as the age of gender inequality, was the time when women 's life choices were limited. The women role and contribution to society has significantly increased since the 1920’s till this day. 1920 was the decade women were granted equality and women 's rights. Back in the early 19th century, women didn 't have an obligation to the society because they didn 't have the same rights as men. Women lacked rights and that prevented them from doing certain things to limitations and those limitations were holding the women back. The idea of feminism was considered as an irrational thought in the early 19th century. The idea spread as people started to realize the idea of women being looked upon on. Although the evolution…show more content…
Education was limited for the women in 19th century. The middle and upper class women had the privilege of getting an education while the lower class women were limited to working as factory laborers or poorly paid domestic servants. Education prevented the lower class women from working better jobs. Thanks to the education the middle and upper class women received, they were able to work jobs. Not only was education considered somewhat of a restriction for some women in the 19th century, power wasn 't one of the women 's strongest suits. Women were expected to be domestic house wives who were supposed to be loyal and subservient to their husband. As you can see, in a relationship the male was more dominant than the female. Males are considered more dominant than females because they are ones who provide food and shelter for them women and fulfill their specific gender roles such as work at outside jobs. Since the Declaration of the Rights of Women and the Equal Rights Amendment, feminism has been established in the society presenting women to the same priveleage as men, thus reestablishing equality between the two genders in the
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