Kate Chopin Feminism

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Kate Chopin and Feminism in“The story of an hour” “The story of an hour” is a story about a young woman 's psychological changes after her husband 's death. Mrs. Mallard afflicted with a heart trouble. At the beginning of knowing her husband was killed in an accident, she was upset and wept. But after she went back to her room, she thought of her husband 's death , which made she wouldn 't have to suffer from her husband 's oppression, so she freed herself from the sorrow and felt the joy of having freedom. She thought she gained a new life. But then her husband just came home and appeared at the door. Mrs. Mallard had a sudden heart attack and died after seeing her husband. According to the doctor’s diagnosis, she died of heart disease caused by excessive excitement. The author Kate Chopin portrayed the character of Mrs. Mallard who is dissatisfied with men’s oppression of women and yearns for freedom. This article caused a great disturbance in the male dominated society. The author of the article, Kate Chopin was known to the world as “forerunner of the feminist author”. As far as I 'm concerned, Kate Chopin really is a typical feminist author. There is a lot of evidence in this article to prove this point. 1. Psychological description We can learn that Kate Chopin is a typical feminist author by the description of Mrs. Mallard’s psychology. During background of that society, men were responsible for making money, a man was also a representative of a
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