Kate Chopin Influence On Women

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In older societies, many women felt trapped in their place in society and marriage, so who was a voice for them? Kate Chopin was one of the many influential voices for women in her time about women. Chopin wrote many stories that were influenced by experiences she has had in her life. Kate Chopin rebelled against the social roles of women and wrote many stories such as “The Storm” and “The Story of an Hour” that she used to express her own feminist views.
First of all, Kate Chopin rebelled against the social roles of women. Chopin was influenced by strong female figures from the beginning. Chopin was close to her father, who encouraged her free spirit, but she grew up in a matriarchal family when her father died in a railroad accident when she was only 5 years old, in 1855. Chopin’s mother never remarried. “The O’Flaherty household became a matriarchy, run by several confident, independent widows: Chopin’s mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother, Victoire Charleville” (Larrabee). Because of her influences, she grew to develop habits and views that were ahead of her time and were outside of a woman’s social role. For example, later in her life, Chopin had taken on improper behavior as a woman such as smoking and was aware of information of her husband 's (Oscar Chopin) business, something that was uncommon for women a the time. Oscar developed malaria and died on December 10, 1882, and Chopin inherited and ran Oscar’s business. Chopin never remarried, and was set on the
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