Kate Chopin's A Respectable Woman

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Kate Chopin, one of the most important and influential writers of her time, uses sensory language, symbolism, and themes to closely relate her short stories, A Respectable Woman, and The Story of an Hour, to her personal life. Chopin grew up in a house of all women, her mother, grandmother, and great grandmother who were very opinionated and down-to-earth people, and taught her to always think and act for herself. Kate quickly became curious about standards in society and the “norms” of women, all of which result in her success in the works of American feminist literature. As a young child, Chopin experienced two horrible deaths, one being her father, and the other her half brother. Unfortunately her half brother was killed in the civil war. Her father died in a train accident when Kate was just five years old, leaving her to live with her mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. Chopin’s mother was left a wealthy widow, who never remarried. Because she grew up in a house of all women who seemed to be very influential towards her, she became very aware of the standards of women in society. Kate attended a convent school, and loved to read a write, and was later encouraged by her teacher and many others to pursue a writing career. Aside of reading and writing, she spent lots of time accustoming herself with her mixed slaves and their unique dialects. She also quickly became aware of the superficialities of high society, but still lived according to the standards, and
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