Kate Chopin's Heart Trouble

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Heart Trouble “The Story of an Hour” is a short story by Kate Chopin which portrays marriage, freedom and death by using a clever style of writing that captivates readers. Kate Chopin wrote this short story in 1894, a time that is known for women not having any power or say in anything because of the way society was constructed. The protagonist of this story, Mrs. Louise Mallard, experiences grief as well as loss that turn into the exhilarating feeling of freedom when she learns of her husband’s death. Though, as the hour progresses she learns the truth that her husband is alive which in turn causes a great shock and leads to her death. Thus, the author provides the reader with an ironic story that gives a different view on what it was like…show more content…
This can be seen when she fees free in a confined room, or how her weak heart sets her free from her husband through death. The author also sets up a subtle melancholy tone to the story that leaves the reader thinking and analyzing the sad events that occurred in the hour. She also use her tone to point out the cruelty idea of marriage at the time and how Mrs. Mallard thought it was a crime which left her powerless because she was a woman. Throughout this short story symbolism is quite clear. For example, when Mrs. Mallard is characterized with heart trouble. In truth it is physical, she does have a delicate hear, but also does have some foreshadowing of her emotional problems that lie with in her heart due to her marriage. It is exactly because of the emotional problems she has against her marriage it is easier to dismiss her husband’s passing and lead her to embrace her new feeling of freedom. The narrator also does make her seem as if she were a child. For example, “as a child who has cried herself to sleep continues to sob in its dreams.” The narrator compares her sorrow to that of a child which can mean she is trapped in her own thoughts since children tend to be more wary about their thoughts. Another symbolism that can be found s when “she opened and spread her arms out to them in welcome” which can be thought of as a bird opening his wings after being hurt for some time. Now that bird has the free will to travel and go anywhere it
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