Kate Chopin Feminist

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Kate Chopin was born on February 8, 1850,St. Louis, MO. Kate Chopin is famously known for writing “The Story of an Hour”. Her story has a lot of meaning to it, If you read it carefully. Her story is on pointed out to be on the feminist side of things, because of what happens throughout the story. Chopin’s writing is very significant because of the feminist view upon it, and showed what a women felt like during the 1800-1900’s. The story begins with the audience beginning notify that the main character Mrs.Mallard, has a heart disease. There had just been an accident with the railroad, in which her husband was involved with. Mrs.Mallard’s sister jasmine has come to break the news to her that her husband had died in the accident. When she found out she had spent a certain time shedding tears for him. Once she had calmed herself she went away to her room, making sure no one would follow. There she stood looking out of the window into the sky, in which she saw patches of the blue sky through the clouds. She felt as if something was coming together, and it was reaching out to her. She repeated the words…show more content…
Once she found out that her husband did not die from the accident, she had died from a heart attack, not from the shock but from the realization and disappointment that he is and was alive. Towards the end of the story it says that "when the doctors came, they said she died of heart disease-- of a joy that kills." (544) Kate Chopin shows that Mrs.Mallard had a little time of free will, and how it felt like, which made her feel for the most part quite happy. Her soul was set free from the discrimination inflicted by society and her husband. But her death can symbolize how she hadn’t left a trace or accomplished the things society wants her to for her husband. There were no kids, no legacy,
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