Kate Chopin Consciousness

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A Study into Feminist Consciousness of the story of an hour
Kate Chopin is one of the American 's most important women writers of the 19th century .Her representative work "Awakening" is recognized for performance pioneer of feminist thought. And Kate Chopin 's life experience in the illustration of the text and analyze the historical background of the leading role 's self consciousness, uncovering American society ignored the novel of women and the shackles of a free spirit. Based on that , I agree with the claim that Kate Chopin was a feminist author. here is my though and analysis in the following: From the reaction of Mrs. Mallard when she heard her husband died. "She did not hear the story as many women have heard the same, with a
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Mallard, is a modern woman with untraditional, she is the awaken of feminism in the first step. Mrs. Mallard knows why she is feeling "happiness" but others even her sister can 't understand that. In this way, Kate Chopin showed her "Awakening" which recognized for performance pioneer of feminist thought. And at the ending of the novel, she wrote that Mrs. Mallard is died of joy. Chopin used irony to reveal the price of the female consciousness. Chopin use irony to reveal the theme of freedom higher than life twice in his novel. More ironic is the doctor 's diagnosis of the cause of death of Louise heart attack caused by a huge surprise at the end in the…show more content…
Each culture of the feminist movement have its uniqueness, and for the society of women to raise the issue, such as Sudan 's genital mutilation (genital this leaves, see female circumcision) or North America the glass ceiling effect, and Chinese women 's political participation, women low labor remuneration; laid-off and unemployed women with a high proportion; abortion and abandonment of baby girls; marriage to live problem of inequality between men and women in the groom 's family brought; the patriarchal media and social values (patriarchy) Patriarchy thought residual problems etc.. And such as rape, the rape of the female and the female is a universal issue. Around the world , China is a traditional and historical country , and in our Chinese world, female social class and family class always takes the lower class .With development of time, feminist has improvement but it is still a sensitive topic in China although Chinese female have unfair treatment. when we talk about the feminist represent , fist one in my mind is Emma Watson who is an popular actress but give up her job to support the feminist development and get the speech to the world to awaken the female who suffering unfair treatment and the male who treat the female
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