Kate Dicamillo's Because Of Winn-Dixie

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At the age of nine I was a measly fifty-five pounds soaking wet. I remember arriving home after school to what looked to be a Clifford-sized beast. Cautiously, I approached this massive monster and when I got to five feet away he ran towards me and licked my face like the leftovers on your dinner plate. Turns out, this “beast” was a stray Rottweiler from a few miles over with no collar. Because of Winn-Dixie is a story by Kate Dicamillo that captures the love of a little girl and her new stray dog. The movie of the same name, directed by Wayne Wang, is not as good, but is enjoyable. Overall, the book is superior to the movie because it conveys the plot and characters in a more heartfelt way. Because of Winn-Dixie is the story of a ten year old girl, Indian Opal, who moves to a fictional town named Naomi, Florida. Opal’s dad, referred to as “Preacher” in the story is just that. Opal and her…show more content…
Kate DiCamillo does a really great job of keeping your mind entertained she pulls you in and makes you want to read the book cover to cover. The plot of this is simple, yet it captures a blissful story of a sweet dog who helps a young girl make new friends and potentially saves her from having the most miserable summer of her life. The plot includes some really awesome scenes that let your mind roar with color and imagination, one of these scenes is the famous pet store scene where Otis and Opal are at the pet store and he is playing his guitar while all the animals sing along with him. The story does have some flaws, the scene where Winn-Dixie is missing could have been more dramatic and the book could have had a little more excitement in the content itself. The fear and terror a little girl would be feeling in that time was not displayed and it was a key part to the plot that should have been extremely touching. The story was great overall despite the few flaws it did
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