Essay On Destroying Avalon

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An Australian writer Kate McCaffrey wrote novel Destroying Avalon in 2006. It highlights how “cyberbullying” affects innocent children in different surroundings with their own distinct and special characteristic and feature. It realistically depicts the heartbreaking consequences of school violence, committing a suicide, from the perspective of another victim. I will write an article in the perspective of the school counselor, who is in charge of the event of a child dying, because he or she is expert in controlling school brutality, so she or he can provide adequate advice to students and it can save the students from school harassment. The article is written after the death of Marshall to encourage the victims to voice out and bail out of the school atrocity with supports from …show more content…

Moreover, we will provide advice and ways to be free from the school brutality or to report the incident without damaging to the victims. Bullying is repeated or has potential to be repeated ‘unwanted’ and ‘aggressive’ action via any methods embracing the internet, message or face to face. It not only counts the physical harassment, but also mental assault such as swearing, teasing or producing malicious comments. For the bullies, I hope you felt and learned the feelings of the bullied and stop hurting others voluntarily. We will no more ignore or look over the school violence. For the victims, we appreciate you for bearing up against the school violence and we are sorry and feel regrettable to recognize the events lately. If you’re the victim, don’t reluctant and feel free to speak it out. There are several organizations and methods to help and support the bullied from the school atrocity. Firstly, in school, the school counselor is always there to help you by discussing and having a talk. You can contact me not only

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