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Moss 300 magazine covers, 117 of them for Vogue, 80 million dollar net worth, two trips to rehab, one daughter, and she’s only 44. By spending over half of her life in the limelight, a visual package of her is being distributed. Regardless of if it was an intentional or not, the Kate Moss package has changed drastically, and perhaps for the better. The rebellious party girl Kate Moss represented in her youth is not the same stylish designer and mother she is now, and the way our society perceives each “version” of her varies vastly. The matter of her transformation is under dispute whether it has been caused by the media or the media resulted in a change of her. Parties, cigarettes, Johnny Depp, heavy drinking, eating disorder and drug scandals,…show more content…
From there, she did well until she got her big break with Calvin Klein. Since 1992, Kate Moss has been the face of Calvin Klein. In the fashion industry, she was considered both too small (surprisingly) and too short; Her unique looks are what have gotten her so far though. The most important component in a model is versatility, and that is why she got signed to so many influential and different fashion labels, broadening her scope and ability to advance so much in her career. Moss is credited with popularizing the 90’s waif “heroin chic” look, fueling eating disorder rumors. While she has never confirmed any rumors, (and has consistently always been small, suggesting that her low BMI may very well be the cause of genetics) there is still room for doubt. Numerous anorexia and bulimia sufferers have been known to use Kate’s quote “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” as motivation and spend hours fawning over how damn-near skeletal she looks in some pictures. According to Thomas Hine, “Packages are an inescapable part of modern life. They are omnipresent and… many packages are designed so that people will respond to them even if they’re not paying attention” (Hine 119). Growing up idolizing her seemed natural: she was everywhere and she was beautiful. Why wouldn’t a little girl want to grow up to be like

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