Kate The Great Literary Analysis

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Kate the Great Literary Analysis In the short story Kate the Great by Meg Cabot, Jenny proves that you should stand up for yourself. Jenny had so many hopes for her first babysitting job but it all changes because of her former friend Kate. Kate and Jenny were friends in middle school, but it all changes when the reach high school. So one day, Jenny received an opportunity to babysit the Weinmanns. She was having a peaceful time babsitting Molly, but out of nowhere Kate and her friend Patrick. Kate starts distracting Molly and making fun of Jenny. One of the words that was constantly said was baby. Jenny first trying to ignore her but Jenny couldn’t take it anymore so she said “ Look I am sorry, but you need to leave now” (Cabot 38). Another way the story was proving that she was standing up for herself was when her mother advises her about friends. “People grow apart and by standing up for yourself and being nice, you will make new friends” (Cabot 38). From these situation, Jenny had learned that by standing up for herself she gets confidence and strength in the inner to speak…show more content…
In the book, Kate came to the Weinmanns house and started annoying Molly so Jenny would lose her job. Because of the distraction, Molly started crying. Jenny was so pissed of by Kate’s actions, she told this to Kate “I think I need some quiet time” (Cabot 36). Also Jenny got so upset and bothered because Kate is calling her names and making fun of her in front of a cute boy. Kate has gone way too far so Jenny stands up for herself by saying,. “ If you have so many better things to do than hanging around with me, why don’t you go to them then? I don’t like you anymore”(Cabot 39).This shows that Jenny standing up or herself and she does not regret whatever she said because Kate was so rude to Jenny. From this, Jenny has realized that you should always stand up of yourself and never let anyone control
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