Kate Upton's Objectification Of Women In Advertising

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While many may argue that sexism is non-existent in today’s society, several companies have objectified women to sell their products. Earlier in history it was well known that societies favoritism was shown towards the male spectrum, but has since been dismantled with women’s activist movements. However, in a 2012 Carl’s Jr commercial, Kate Upton is sexually exploited by the company as a marketing strategy to sell their food. In response to these vulgar commercials, many families decided to boycott the company because of the way it degrades women and teaches young girls to value materialistic simplicities, like having a body that satisfies men, as opposed to bringing out the more essentials qualities in women. While these commercials may seem…show more content…
Using women as sex figures is one thing, but utilizing it to support a product that has nothing to do with sex is absurd. This is clearly illogical considering that sex and food are two completely different entities and all that this commercial has managed to do is objectify women further. The commercial fails to mention Kate Upton and her credibility in the food business, confusing the audience with close-to pornography videos. This further degrades women in society showing them off as sex objects and nothing more. Our culture typically portrays men as being more than just sex symbols and as heroes in our culture, exhibiting notable features, such as intelligence, strength, and diligence. If a man was portrayed in the way Kate Upton was in the commercial, (selling a product via sexual themes) it would be completely absurd, and seen as “funny,” which is a more appropriate marketing strategy. So why is it that when women are put in skimpy clothing, mimicking sexual actions while eating a hamburger, it is “sexy,” but when a man does the same thing it is comical? The explanation is simple; men have never in history experienced being the subjects of an oppressive society, where they are worshipped merely for their physical appearance, so by doing this, it is seen as “feminine.” The objectification of women in this commercial is showing that it is…show more content…
The correlation between sexual violence and objectification of women is obvious; When men strip women of their qualities that make them human, they are left to just an anatomy. This allows possible sexual predators and abusers (who typically already possess cognitive disorders) to [mentally] justify their crimes by viewing the women as inanimate objects, simply there for their own pleasure. However, decreasing the amount of graphic content of women shown on public television could reduce the rates of this sexual violence. Men fail to interact with the opposite sex following the obvious social norms when the women of this country are seen as less than people, but as sex

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