Kate Warne: Personal Narrative

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What is a detective? By Oxford Dictionary’s definition a detective is a person, especially a police officer, whose occupation is to investigate and solve crimes. Some investigators or officers are so well skilled at what they do that their identities can be hidden. One example of an investigator who was this skilled in hiding their identity was Kate Warne. Warne was the first female private eye and is my biggest inspiration. She hid her identity so well that the name “Kate Warne” is not her confirmed name even to this day. Furthermore on being an investigator, having the ability to study and collect facts to identify a criminal offender or to determine the guilt or innocence of an individual comes as a requirement of the job. Kate Warne’s heroic…show more content…
In the article its main idea is to explain the qualifications needed to become a detective. It also shows the steps and how to get the qualifications. Collecting data is what people would say is a very crucial part of investigating. “Criminal investigation involves collecting and studying the facts to identify a criminal offender or determine the guilt or innocence of and individual.” There are many job titles and duties that come with being a detective.
You must first be a police officer and work yourself up in rank in order to achieve detective one day. This is only if you have the desire to become more than an officer. “Criminal investigators, also commonly referred to as police detective are law enforcement officers with advanced education and training in the field of criminal investigations”. There are times in careers that you will not be able to save, solve or do various other things that pertain to work. Persistent behavior generally leads to you striving to become more enhanced in your life and career. When you do this you can actually build repor with criminals, victims, and

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