Katelin Ulanyi's Case Study: Laying Off Uranyi

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4. Laying Off Uranyi Katelin Uranyi was suffering from polio and due to this condition, she was not able to walk without a brace. She could, in any case, work in an office setting and would not need any special adjustments. In 1994, Uranyi was employed by Multiplan Inc. (Multiplan), a company that gave network-based cost management solutions for medicinal services suppliers. Starting at 1998, she started chipping away at Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) errands and in 2002 she was exchanged to the recently framed EDI gathering. In the spring of 2003, three employees were filling in as EDI examiners—Uranyi, who was then 49, Victor Walter, a man who was in his forties at that time, and Arthur Yusupov, a 28-year-old man. Then, Multiplan chosen to rebuild the department and to overhaul the activity duties of the EDI investigators. As some portion of the rebuilding, Multiplan wanted to make an EDI Analyst II and EDI Analyst III position. ⇒ In August 2003, Uranyi fell, breaking her…show more content…
She was handicapped and couldn't stroll without her support, however she didn't require extraordinary accommodation for satisfying her obligations. Later for the situation we can see that she was released, which was to be sure in light of her age. Later on, she was not educated about new employment opportunities, openings for which considerably more youthful individuals were contracted for. That constitutes clear segregation in view of age. Other than that, employers were obliged to illuminate her about employment opportunities however, they did not do as such, and that additionally was a component of segregation. On the off chance that we grand these realities, we can express that segregation in view of age happened and she ought to have been permitted to be set at the positions she was fit the bill for. With respect to in view of disability, we cannot see an instance of that sort of segregation for this
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