Process Essay: Effects Of The Birth Control Pill

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Effects of Birth Control Margaret Sanger is the woman who created and carried out tests on the birth control pill. A second woman, Katharine Dexter McCormick, funded the creation of the pill with what would be eighteen million dollars today (Planned Parenthood n.pag.). These two women created the birth control pill to stand up for women’s rights and help families around the world. The primary motive for developing a birth control pill was a high number of unplanned pregnancies. According to Planned Parenthood, “In the developing world only one out of five women used a safe and effective method of family planning” (n.pag.). A large number of women who could not afford or did not want to have children needed birth control.With a birth control pill, women would be able to safely control when and if they got pregnant. This would greatly improve family life across the board due to the fact that women could choose when or if they got pregnant. In addition, an oral contraceptive would be one of the most convenient contraceptives since a person can just simply stop or start taking it. Furthermore, once Sanger developed…show more content…
The birth control pill is an extremely efficient contraceptive method while still being convenient at the same time. As well as providing complete contraceptive coverage, the pill can prevent many deadly diseases and help clear up nuances such as acne. It is a easy and helpful solution for women with irregular or painful periods. Finally, the birth control pill has increased college attendance in women, then leading to higher paying jobs, leaving women better able to support their families later in life. Margaret Sanger and Katherine McCormick will never know the widespread impacts of their invention today, but women all over the world are tremendously grateful for their
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