Amelie: The Cruel Consequences Of Antoinette

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Foretelling is Truthful Katherine Anne Porter novelist wrote: “The past is never where you think you left it,” The past will always chase us, but we can’t know when. Moreover the past will affect your future unless you don’t come up with a change. Considering the consequences of Antoinette’s past, she doesn’t advance, which furthermore results in the lose of her sanity. Each event being an indication of her future, we can determine how the past controls the forthcoming. The instances of foreshadowing within the novel enhance the tension and foretell the massacre of antoinette’s sanity. Tia’s cruel betrayal on Antoinette foreshadows the loneliness and the lack of trust in Antoinette. The specific event is also a cause for Antoinette’s marriage.…show more content…
Trying everything to convince Rochester to love her, a nerve wracking occasion occurred; Rochester making love to Amelie. Antoinette 's plans; to use portion to make Rochester love her, turned upside down. Instead of loving Antoinette, all his adoration focused on Amelie, believing that he could make love without any revealment, he were mistaken. The concealment eventually exposed from its camouflage, but had fatal consequences. The lovemaking of these two characters, was a signal for Antoinette’s craziness and an adverse for both characters. "I pulled her down beside me and we were both laughing. She was so gay, so natural and something of this gaiety she must have given to me, for I had not one moment of remorse. Nor was I anxious to know what was happening behind the thin partition which divided us from my wife’s bedroom" (Rhys 89). Rochester is not aware of the consequences of the situation, he is sucked into the joy of the relation that he can’t care less about the further…show more content…
The letter is an implication of an impending fate in relation to Antoinette. unwillingly or not, the letter will have an impact on Rochester’s perspective and viewpoint. Furthermore, the letter is foreshadowed through Rochester mind: "as for the little girl, antoinetta, as soon as she can walk she hide herself if she see anybody. She marry again to the rich Englishman mr mason, and there is much I could say about that but you won’t believe so I shut my mouth. the madness gets worse and she has to be shut away for she try to kill her husband- madness not being all either" (Rhys 63). Cosway warns Rochester not to be trustworthy, otherwise it will lead to her betraying you. If he doesn’t contemplate now, it might be too late as a result, Antoinette will kill
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