Katherine Anne Porter's The Jilting Of Granny Weatherall

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We are all destined to die one day, we are all only here for a period of time, for a purpose and after we have fulfilled our purpose God takes us. The short story “The Jilting of Granny Weatherall,” by Katherine Anne Porter discusses an older lady known as Granny Weatherall who is very sick and on her deathbed. Katherine Anne Porter does a great job in describing what it is like to be on the deathbed since Katherine herself was once in that situation. Katherine Porter is so detailed in the way she describes Granny’s last days of life and I can imagine this is what it is like for those who die of old age.
We have all seen someone we loved pass away and it is a very hard thing to see. Reading this short story makes me think of what my grandma went through when she was on her last days of life.
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Once we reach our limit of life we are taken by God to live eternally with him. When we think of death we are afraid and it is a normal feeling for all to have. No one wants to die and leave their loved ones behind. To be honest that is one of my biggest fears and it is not because I am unsure of where I will go, but because I will not be able to be physically here with my family. Katherine Porter discusses, “So, my dear Lord, this is my death and I wasn’t even thinking about it. My children have come to see me die. But I can’t it’s not time” (Porter 71). Granny is not ready to be taken she does not want to leave her children behind. When it comes to death, no one will ever be ready because it is an awful feeling to know one will no longer be with loved ones.
Overall, the short story “The Jilting of Granny Weatherall,” by Katherine Porter is a great example of what it is for one to be in their last days of life on ones “deathbed” taking their last breath. She does a great job in describing Granny’s last day of life. In general she does a great job in describing death itself the way it is for one to be on their
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