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Katherine Johnson

Who is Katherine Johnson? How was Johnson a key contributor to space exploration and how did her three accomplishments impact space exploration? Katherine Johnson a African American women, born in 1918 West Virgina. Johnson was very skilled in math from a young age to adulthood. But not just any type of math; the math Johnson did was geometry, calculous, and trigonometry. Johnson was a single mother of three beautiful girls due to her husband passing away from cancer. In 1952 Johnson began working for NASA as a "computer". Johnson contributed many things to NASA during her time there, but there are only three accomplishments that brought this mathematician to her fame. Fist was Johnson the first women to be in NASA Space Task Group. Second was Johnson did trajectory analysis for John Glenn's complex orbital flight. Last but not least Johnson's greatest contribution was her calculations for Project Apollo's Lunar Lander.

Katherine Johnson was the first women to be in the Space Task Group, at NASA in 1960 ( https://www.biography.com/).
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I believe Johnson was an amazing woman who was the key to many things such as women being accepted into NASA, getting man to space, and best of all getting man to the moon. If I ever got to meet Johnson I would ask he," How did you feel about not being recognized for your accomplishments, knowing you were the key reason these historical events ever happened?" I honestly believe Katherine Johnson is an inspiration to women of NASA and young ladies even if they don’t want a career in NASA. Johnson just helps set the worth of women intelligence and she made contributions that no man could make, Johnson made dream come true, and made history

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