Katherine Phipps Clark Research Paper

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I. Introduction a. Early Role of Women in Psychology II. Historical Person: Anna Freud a. Biographical information: i. Anna Freud was one of Sigmund Freud’s six children. Growing up, Anna showed an inquisitive mind and a large enjoyment of people and learning. After finishing school, Anna went on to join the Psychoanalysic Society and taught Child analysis at a neighboring university. b. Psychological/Scientific: i. Presented written works on the topics dealing with children and development. ii. Described Techniques that could be used to understand child development iii. Studied different forms of child therapy, along with emphasis on infants and the role of caretakers early on iv. Also described normal childhood stages and theories of what causes pathology in early childhood c. How person has influenced Psychology: Anna Freud through her works…show more content…
Historical Person: Mamie Katherine Phipps Clark a. Biographical information: Mamie Phipps Clark grew up in Arkansas, where during her youth was greatly influenced by Civil Rights leaders at the time. b. Psychological/Scientific Began studies in mathematics at Howard University. Later switched to psychology earning her bachelors in the late 1930s’. It was during this time she met her husband, who influenced her to pursuit a doctorate in psychology which she later completed. c. How person has influenced Psychology: Mamie Katherine Phipps Clark was an influential person in the field of psychology by the role she played in the late 1950s case of Brown versus Board of Education. She was also influential in the field of child psychology with her thesis on preschool children and later experiments and studies with children. i. Written works: The Developmental of Consciousness in Negro Pre-School Children IV. Historical Person: Sandra Bem a. Biographical information: Sandra Bem graduated with an undergraduate degree in psychology. Later she went on to earn a PHD in Developmental Psychology at the University of
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