Katherine Tweed Non Fiction

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Genre: Non-Fiction
PLOT: At the age of 63, Maddy Hudson is still young at heart. One summer, she finds out that her old friend Katherine Tweed passed away. At the age of seven, Maddy first met the mysterious Katherine Tweed while playing with her best friend Billy. Rumors all spread that Katherine Tweed was an awful person, but Maddy and Billy realize that the rumors are not true. Maddy would not only love Katie Tweed but would need her throughout her life. Katherine Tweed was a huge part of her life, so Maddy decides to visit her hometown of Madison, Ohio to pay her respects. Memories come back to her in the small lakeside town as she spends her days on the lake with her friend Lena. While Maddy is in her hometown, she remembers all the wonderful,
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