Katherine's Change In The Taming Of The Shrew

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Katherine, the shrew in Shakespeare's play based movie “Taming of the Shrew”, is a lonely woman that has never been married and goes through a dramatic change as the story progressed.
As the story begins we do not see Katherine right away. When Katherine is brought into the picture she would not cooperate with anyone, she was just a bad tempered and hostile woman who could take care of herself. She hated her sister, Bianca, that she envied because Bianca might get married. Her father, Baptista, did not have a relationship with Katherine, therefore, she struggled with relationships with her family. She also acted this way towards Petruchio, the man who was going to take her hand in marriage. When Petruchio was trying to tame Katherine, she
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Petruchio is the reason for Katherine’s great transformation. Katherine did come into consciousness and finally understood there was no way out of the situation she was currently in. Although she thought this, she still was not fully cooperative with Petruchio; her temper did become a little milder. Petruchio really used a harsh system of taming Katherine. Since she would not cooperate with him fully, he would force her to do things that she did not like to do. For example, he made her marry him, which was not something she did willingly, but knew there was no getting out of this arrangement. Another reason Katherine changed is because back in the time period this story took place, it was frowned upon to not get into a marriage. Katherine came to this realization too. In the end of the story, Katherine’s substantial change occurred. Katherine actually started to love Petruchio. Petruchio’s job was complete. He completed what seemed the impossible, he tamed Katherine, “The Shrew”. Katherine became Petruchio’s servant in their marriage, which was a marriage she did not want at first. She became used to the treatment she was going through and she changed into a loving wife. After Katherine fell in love, she changed the way she handled her relationship with Petruchio and became laid back, which was a clear sign that she had been “tamed” by her loving
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