Katherine's Manipulation In Taming Of The Shrew

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Consequently, for the duration of the play The Taming of The Shrew Katherine’s behavior is attributing the struggles of being a victim of reoccurring problems due to manipulation from Petruchio, and Bianca. Furthermore, the characters Bianca and Petruchio are not only victims of their own problems, but also is Katherine who is facing problems as well and her approach to the manipulation is allowing herself to remain easily influenced by her father, plus manipulated by Petruchio and Bianca. Also the possibility of a mental illness hinders her towards being obedient when women shouldn’t be compliant to their husbands, and the struggle of a hindering bipolar disorder is limiting her state of mind.
Katherine from the play The Taming of The Shrew
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This value could only find expression by individual choice, and when the individual form of expression was repressed into the unconscious, it received an energy charge that activated archaic and infantile dominants” (1971, para. 399), which that dominant choice for Katherine is manipulative and controlling Petruchio and by the situations that occur during the play and her speech at the end the manipulation becomes true when Katherine’s behavior as a woman is changed drastically. The Manipulation escalates to Katherine being manipulated by not only Petruchio but by her father. Katherine’s father favors Bianca more than Katherine which causes the manipulation to trigger a mental illness for Katherine. The struggle of a mental illness is portrayed in the aspects of the play and the symptoms show frequently due to the manipulation and treatment Katherine is receiving, until Katherine finds someone that is aggressive, as well as headstrong that is a rebel with a soft exterior like Katherine, but the person Katherine finds is willing to marry her for selfish motives like taming Katherine and making her domesticated like a wife should

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