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If you don’t like it, change it “People don’t change” is one of the most common quotes people hear, but although it is difficult, change is possible. An example can be seen with prisoners changing for the better during their sentences. This idea is also illustrated in William Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew. Katherine, the eldest daughter of Baptista, is described as a crazy and untameable shrew. However, Petruchio, a fortune-seeking man who is eager to gain Katherine’s hand in marriage, achieves this goal and announces through a bet at the end of the play that she has been tamed and has become a new woman. In this play, the apathetic tone, blunt language and clear context of Katherine’s final soliloquy indicates that she is not speaking in a sarcastic way and has actually…show more content…
She does not speak with exaggerated words that have multiple meanings; rather, she speaks clearly and concisely without sugarcoating anything. Earlier in the play, there is dialogue passing back and forth between her and Petruchio. While Petruchio’s dialogue can be taken multiple ways, Katherine’s words are exactly what she is thinking. Her thoughts have changed and are no longer the same as they were before. She is expressing her emotions from her heart, with no other agenda. Katherine declares, “I am ashamed that women are so simple” (5.2.177). She can’t believe how she once was in the beginning of the novel. Here she is expressing how her personality has changed and how she thinks differently. She acted disobedient towards men, and is now ashamed of women who are disrespectful. This highlights the progression in who she has become. She also describes how women should “not obedient to his honest will” (5.2.174). She doesn’t believe that women should be able to carry on by themselves without a man. Her thought process completely changes and she shares it through clear, concise phrases that make up her

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