Kathryn Dennis Satire

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Tonight was the big Southern Charm reunion, and everyone knows that Kathryn Dennis has been through a rough year. It turns out that she has a few issues that haven 't been talked about on the show. All About the Tea shared the news that Kathryn Dennis actually broke a Bravo camera that was worth $5,000. A source shared about how Kathryn treats the crew of the show. It turns out that Kathryn Dennis isn 't very nice to the crew on the show either. A source is sharing that Kathryn actually was seen spitting at a crew member. She also took it as far as to throw a lit cigarette at one. The biggest issue is that Kathryn Dennis actually broke a $5,000 camera that belonged to Bravo. The source went on to share that the cast are not snobs, but…show more content…
Kathryn actually has to have her parents around during the entire week that she has her kids so that they can supervise their time together. A source revealed that Thomas hasn 't been doing drugs or drinking. It sounds like he is finally putting the kids first and is very focused on being the best father he can right now. The tests came back that Thomas was clean. Kathryn Dennis is still not admitting to needing help with a drug issue. Thomas hadn 't seen his kids for weeks before this happened, so now he is able to be involved in their life, which is important to him. Kathryn and Thomas will be going back to court at a later date for a more permanent custody solution. People shared that during the reunion show tonight, Kathryn Dennis lashed out at Landon for going on a Valentine 's Day trip with Thomas that they had planned for each other. Thomas then speaks out saying that yes Landon did go, but they slept in different rooms, and he was not with Kathryn at the time. It doesn 't look like Kathryn and Landon will be working out their issues any time soon. Kathryn is not very happy with the fact that Landon was spending time with Thomas when they were split up. At this time, Kathryn and Thomas are not
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