Kathryn Smith Leadership Style

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Kathryn Smith is making history by becoming the first full-time female coach in the NFL. Her passion for coaching began as a little girl, helping her father keep stats for her brother’s high school football team. She attended St. John’s University in Queens, New York, to study Sports Management. In 2003, she began her career in sports as a game-day/ special-events intern with the New York Jets. She also managed the college men’s basketball team and she became a college scouting intern and then a player assistant in 2007. Her dedication gave her the opportunity to access the industry, positioning herself in the right path. Kathryn Smith, was able to gain knowledge and experience from some of the best leaders in sports. She served as the administrative assistant to head coach of the Buffalo Bills, Rex Ryan. The opportunity of head coach did not come as a surprise, Kathryn has developed a track record by assisting the head coach and performing administrative roles throughout her years in the business. Woman have been able to reach top level executive positions in many industries, including sports,…show more content…
Individuals like Kathryn have spent many years learning and teaching others to become better, doing everything she can to train her players to win and be in their best shape. Leadership principals are ideas and methods that people can internalize to carryout meaning for every aspect in life. Woman have come a long way, from gaining woman’s rights, joining the workforce, becoming professionals, fighting in combat and now as head coach for the NFL. This paradigm shift is changing the way the world is; it is not only changing the way we do business but how we communicate with each other. Thanks to woman like Kathryn Smith, Becky Hammon, and all woman that are stepping up to the challenge and making woman
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