Kathy Grey's Case Study

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Kathy Grey is in fourth grade at Blindside Elementary. She has difficulties with reading, writing, articulating and has trouble breathing at times. She was diagnosed with visual impairment at the age of four, and cognitive impairment at the age of 6. Kathy lives with her mother and four older siblings (three boys and one girl). Kathy’s father left the family six months after her birth and does not visit the family. Kathy has phonemic awareness for the first sound in words starting with consonants. She understands the sound-symbol relationship for all consonants and has emerging knowledge for vowels. In addition to that she has a mild case of visual impairment which is getting worst, making it hard for her to participate in daily routines. Her teacher is very aware of her disabilities and how it affects the learning process. IEP& 504: Ms. Johnson (teacher) goes over her previous IEP and 504 plans to see what has been done to help Kathy progress. After months or planning she calls a meeting to discuss Kathy’s new IEP…show more content…
She is very social with her classmate and did not want to feel alone. However as months passed progress was beginning to show. She is able to read only certain sight words on a second grade level but was slowly building her vocabulary. She demonstrates increased reading skills when provided with picture clues for stories as well as when reading books with repetitive lines. She is able to produce sentences using a word bank paired with pictures with 10 to 14 words in the bank, with the words color-coded by parts of speech and set up in a subject-verb-object format. She uses a standard mouse with an enlarged cursor, and a screen with a white background and a larger-sized text. However, is still unable to find and locate letters on the standard keyboard which decreases her accuracy. In speech she has begun to make sounds better which help with forming

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