Katia Alexsandrea Kordek

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3 .“Indicate a person who has had a significant influence on you, and describe that influence” Imagine December 29, 1997 and Elizabeth has been in labor for over 8 hours. She’s in Pennsylvania, and her due date was 5 days ago. She started a little before 7am, and now the end was in sight. These last hours consisted of screaming, taking walks, laying back down, and being so excited to see her baby daughter. She’s ready for it to be over, and wants someone to tell her she’s doing great. Her husband, Mark was there for the beginning of the labor, and supporting her. Telling her that she can do this, and that this will be good for them. He keep saying that this will solve their issues, it’s a new start. He said those exact words on the other two daughters. Once her contraction start getting closer together, and the pain was getting worse, he decided that he was under too much stress. He left. She screams for him, begging him to come back. He yells, while walking out the door, that he’s getting some food, and he’ll be right back. She continues with…show more content…
Mark said he didn’t want to name his daughter Kathleen because “it might end up like his sister Kathleen”. Elizabeth said that she wanted it to be similar to a family name. Mark came from Ukrainian descent, and then she recommended the name Katia. Elizabeth chose her middle name to represent her uncle Alexsander. Mark, the father of this child, put together the words, “Fine. Sure.” That proved one thing only, this child didn’t change anything. It didn’t make them fight less, or her basically being a single mother, it didn’t make him drink less, or make him not be a heroin addict. This child was not necessarily planned, but she was loved. He loved Katia while sober, and adored her to pieces. Drunken, and or high actions was when he burned all of her baby pictures because he “couldn’t be her father”, or when he yelled at, or hit
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