Katie Couric Essay

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Katie Couric, a well known American journalist once said, “They like being able to turn on the television day in and day out to see someone that they know and they feel comfortable with and trust hopefully and respect even.” (“Katie Couric Quote”) Essentially, a television journalist welcomes themselves into homes all over the world everyday and it is up to the resident to put their whole trust in them. Telling people the news can be difficult, but it is also an experience that the journalist and the viewers experience together. It is the trust of that journalist that creates viewership and the urges to turn to certain channels when gathering news. Katie Couric stated the single most important characteristic a journalist should have and that…show more content…
Her father, John Couric, was a retired journalist and after graduating from the University of Virginia with a degree in American studies, Katie began to follow in her father’s journalistic footsteps. (“Katie Couric”). Couric’s career start seems less conventional than the average journalist. Her first job was as a desk assistant at ABC, though this may have not been the path she wanted to take, it was a stepping-stone in her career that was a must. Shortly after ending her job at ABC she began working at CNN as a producer and filled in as an on air reporter when she could. After seven years, she took a reporter job in Washington at a NBC affiliated station (“Work”). Here, at NBC she really started to make her mark on the reporting world. She was hired as the number two reporter at the Pentagon and over a three-year span she covered the Untied States invasion of Panama and the Persian Gulf War. In 1991, she starting to fill in as a co-anchor on NBC’s morning show, Today, which most people know Couric from. She soon replaced an anchor there and became part of the team. Since Today, Couric has had her own talk show called Katie, worked for CBS Evening News and more currently works for Yahoo! News. Couric has done a lot in her 35 years of being a journalist and has made a lot of notable contributions to the world and to
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