Katie Roiphe's All The Rage

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Now days, revenge becomes a familiar tool used by people to bring their own justice. In the article "All the Rage", Katie Roiphe (Nov. 29, 1993) showing the world a story of a woman whose name is Lorena Bobbitt who broke all the rules after slicing off her husband 's penis as a result of his cheating on her and raping her. Roiphe (Nov. 29, 1993) mentioned that like this action may happen in the 18th century as the world were surrounded by the idea of "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" and its sides effects on the world. But, as in the 20th century people don 't do that anymore to anyone, for anything. Roiphe (Nov. 29, 1993) did a great presentation about female rage as a symbol of revenge. lastly, Roiphe (Nov. 29, 1993) told the
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