Katlyn Mullaney's Struggle With Anxiety And Depression

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Katlyn Mullaney is a physics major at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She is also one of many people who struggles with anxiety and depression. All science majors are intense and I can’t imagine how hard it is for her to handle the work that is required of her. When I read the names of some of the classes that she is taking; names like “Differential Equations” it reminded me why I am a religious studies major and not a physics major (Mullaney 3). One of the things that impressed me about Katlyn’s autoethnography was her honesty, especially when she talked about her denial about having anxiety. I also commend her for choosing to write her paper on this topic. There tends to be an unfair stigma associated with any kind of mental illness. I’m sure that Katlyn might have been a little fearful about talking about her problems in front of classmates who could potentially judge her for her struggles. However, I think that college students tend to be more accepting of people who struggle with anxiety and depression because many of us have struggled with some form of these issues throughout our college careers.…show more content…
Having a name for something that I am struggling with has always been a huge help in my battle with something. I’ve found that it is always harder to fight an unknown enemy than it is to fight an issue that you know the name of. An aspect of her paper that was also interesting was her view on her anxiety. She said that even though she realizes that anxiety is an issue for her, she does not want to completely cure it because she believes that it motivates her to get things done (Mullaney 6). I don’t think that I would have thought of it in that way if I were in her
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