Katniss In The Hunger Games

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Imagine you just won the hunger games, the horror of having to kill other kids until there was only one winner for the entertainment of the capitol. Now you are thrown right back into the games against the other winner throughout the years for another games back to back, now you must survive against 23 people again. Again this happens to Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark for the Quarter Quell which happens every 25 years and this year the winners of each district get picked divided to do the games once again, just another way for the capitol to get their revenge. For this book, I will be exploring how Katniss changes throughout the book, the theme of the overall book, and how Katniss makes it in the games once again.
After defying the Capitol on national television, Katniss has to attempt to control the uprising starting in the districts. When President Snow puts her family and friends in danger Katniss has no choice but to follow his orders. Then he turns Katniss and Peeta 's world upside by throwing them back into the arena and there will only be one winner. As her best efforts fail,the game
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She is a year older and has been horrored by her experiences. Most importantly, Katniss begins to take responsibility for her actions and chooses a side. In The Hunger Games, her primary goal is to keep herself and her family alive. After the Games, she wants to avoid study by the Capitol. However, the uprisings make her force her plans to change. In Catching Fire, Katniss is forced to make a choice; to run away from the President 's threats or to stand with the rebellion. When she is reaped again for The Quarter Quell, Katniss tries to destroy the Capitol in any way she can.. Katniss also is able to empathize with others. She puts herself in front of Glae when he is whipped and she finally understand that her actions have emotional impacts on
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