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7. Suzanne Collins has made the Hunger Games book very memorable with the characters she created. One main character she created was Katniss, the girl on fire. Katniss is a very protective of the people she cares about, and is very courageous as well. For example, on page 22 it states, “I volunteer! I gasp. I volunteer as tribute! There’s some confusion on the stage. District 12 hasn’t had a volunteer in decades and the protocol has become rusty.” This quote show how protective Katniss is of Prim, her little sister since she basically volunteered to die. This also shows Katniss’s courage since District 12 hasn’t had a volunteer for a long time and she is willing to volunteer in order to save her sister. Katniss is also a very stubborn and determined.…show more content…
Three. It’s too late to change my mind. I lift my hand to my mouth, taking one last look at the world. The berries have just passed my lips when the trumpets begin to blare.” This quote shows how Katniss is very stubborn but determined to be with Peeta in death or life that she was willing to sacrifice her life and make the Gamemakers’ whole plan fail. Even when there is a chance that her plan will fail, she goes through with it until the very end. There is a chance that she and Peeta will die, but she is determined to stay with Peeta, and her stubbornness to defy the Gamemakers helps her stay alive. Another main character in this book is Peeta, the boy with the bread. He is a very caring and funny character, the type of character you would want to be friends with. For example, on page 253 it says, “I jerk my head back but end up laughing. Thanks, I’ll keep it in mind. At least he’s still able to joke around.” This quote shows how even with all his wounds and his hunger weighing him down, Peeta is still very funny and caring. He knows he will not be able to survive long in his horrible condition, yet he still manages to crack a joke and lift Katniss’s, who was very likely to survive, spirits
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