Katniss 'Tragic Hero In Sophocles' Antigone

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“May the odds be ever in your favour” (Ross). If someone ever says these words to you, how would you take them? Would you be worried, intimidated, or nervous? Katniss from The Hunger Games was all the above when she volunteered herself, so her sister did not have to go in the games. Katniss showed bravery, pride, and loyalty to her family. There are not very many women that would sacrifice themselves for their siblings. How about in ancient literature? Do you think that was the case back then, as well? Indeed, it was. Antigone is a play written by Sophocles. Antigone sacrificed her life to bury her brother against the State laws. She showed bravery, pride, and loyalty to her family as well. However, she did not have the happy ending like…show more content…
Scholars argue that heroic qualities change with the times, but dictionaries of the last two centuries include definitions such as a brave man, or a great person” (Hume, 9). People admire heroes because they embody popular virtues. During a majority of American history, a woman was characterized as a hero by living by male standards of morality. If she did not go by these standards, she was labeled as unladylike (Hume, 11). Antigone told her sister Ismene that, “and even if I die in the act, that death will be a glory” (Sophocles, 769). Antigone disobeyed the States laws, and buried her brother, despite the consequences that will come. Antigone showed strong character and loyalty and wanted to die an honorable…show more content…
Spargo mentioned that he used it on Ismene’s character. He stated that “Sophocles created Ismene as a typical emotional female character when Antigone disobeyed the state laws” (Spargo, 117). He also argued that she was a figure of social action for feminism. He explained that her character’s ambition and pride is an example of the social function of her character. He also argued that it was because of her father is why she wanted to do what she did (Spargo, 117). During much of America’s history, the actions that would distinguish a woman as a “hero” was if she were living by male standards of morality (Hume, 9). If she was labeled this way people would consider her unladylike, and make her an unfit symbol of “heroine” for women. Katniss was considered a hero for all the districts. However, when she visited the Capital, they would dress her in feminism outfits. She wore dresses and makeup each time she was in the capital. However, when she was at her districts she would dress more masculine. In conclusion, Katniss and Antigone’s characters were similar in numerous ways. They both showed pride, bravery, and courage. They were both loyal to their families by standing up for them. They showed courage because they stood up against the States to do what they thought was right. These are characteristics for them to be considered as a hero. People may have had their disagreements about them because they were

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