Katniss Tribute Essay

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Katniss Everdeen is a 16 year old tribute from district 12. Katniss 's father had died in the mines when Katniss was 11 so she had to take care of her sister Prim, herself, and her mother. Luckily Katniss 's father taught her to hunt making her well trained to help her family survive. During the reaping, Katniss 's sister Prim, got selected as tribute so Katniss bravely volunteered to take her sister 's place. The second tribute was Peeta Mellark. The two tributes began they 're train ride to the Capitol. During the ride they met Effie, their escort and publicist, and Haymich, their mentor. In the Capitol they met Cinna and Portia, their stylists. Before the Games the Capitol 's citizens pick which tribute they 'll vote for and sponsor.…show more content…
Then, the gamemakers announce that two tributes from the same district can both win. Katniss searches for Peeta hoping they could be the two winners. Once she finds him she heals him up but, he still had a fever and blood poisoning. They hide in a cave together until a gamemaker announces that there is a feast and it will contain the items they need most. Katniss drugs Peeta and go 's to the Cornucopia. At the Cornucopia Katniss is attacked by another tribute, Clove and receives a wound to her head. But then a tribute from district 11 kills Clove and lets Katniss go because she helped Rue. Katniss receives Peetas medicine, saving him. The next day, Katniss goes hunting and Peeta goes gathering. He accidentally gathers poisonous berries. He left some with his backpack farther in the woods which another tribute ate and died. Cato was the last opponent. After they got some sleep they went to the Cornucopia hoping Cato would show up there. He soon did, while being chased by wolves. Everyone got on top of the cornucopia. A battle begins and Katniss kills Cato at the threat of him killing Peeta. They thought they won but a gamemaker reverses the rule change previously announced. Once again there can only be one victor. The Capitol
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