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My hero is Katricia Robinson. Katricia Robinson is my mother, as a mother she plays a huge roll in my life she’s more than a mother she’s my best friend, she’s my hero. My mother is a hard worker, strong, loving, caring , independent woman. She’s the greatest woman ever, my mother is a walking miracle, she’s a woman with a lot of strength and faith. My mother is my hero because everything she do she’s dedicated to it. If she’s working on something she do not quit she keeps going until it’s right. Others may feel she can’t get it done in time but she still gets it done. She’s so positive she never thinks negative in any situation, she puts God first and trust in him. Everything she do or go through she try to think positive about it, she never have negative thoughts because she’s a firm believer in God and his miracles.…show more content…
Last year was the hardest year ever for me, to hear a call saying my mother had cancer was scary. I knew she would beat it because she’s strong and I knew that it hurted her but she never showed it. Me being the daughter of my mother I knew i had to be strong for her, she always told me to “walk by faith and not by sight” so although the doctors said one thing I knew God had other plans. She fought through stage 3 cancer and by the grace of God she is now better than ever. The moral of this is that no matter what comes her way she never gets terrified of anything she never lose faith. My mother is a really strong woman. My mother is my hero because she’s a hardworker. She makes a way out of no way, she works hard to give me and my brothers what we need. My mother make sure we are not lacking for anything. The fact that after my mother beat cancer she had a option to go back to work or stay home, being the hardworking lady she is she decided to go back to work. She couldn’t do the things she use to but she was so dedicated to her job she went back and did what she

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