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In this Documentary Film, we see the struggle that people suffered during hurricane Katrina. This documentary shows the real truth of New Orleans on those days and how people try to survive and some couldn’t make it. People are interviewed and they share the experiences they had during those bad days. We see the harsh truth about the government leaving survivors in the streets dying without food or a place to stay. The Documentary show us different visuals and we obviously can’t judge what we are seen with just footage like Nichols says on (Nichol 42) An image cannot tell everything we want to know about what happened. The people that commentate on their experiences, an example would be from 5:32 to 11:10 is a sign of trust that they have with the filmmakers and that is talked about (Nichol 66) The state of New Orleans was in danger and the film show us how the media and the government warn people about the catastrophe that it could bring. The media also make things worse by persuading people or convincing in like 1:09:57 and we see Nichol talk about this (Page 63) The music is sad when they show the horrible reality that the people go through and I believe it was not necessary to be honest. This documentary show the views of individuals, groups and institutions across the two hour video as Nichol…show more content…
I believe that this film wanted to show the emotions of different groups and the disaster that this hurricane left in New Orleans. The people interviewed show the truth that they lived in this days and how they recover from it. Katrina left many in a panic state, in poverty and also took lives. The families changed after this disaster because many didn’t have a home to stay or money to support themselves. People that were sick couldn’t get attention and medicine for days. It was a sad event that even today is remembered by

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