Katrina Ethical Dilemmas

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If I were trapped in downtown New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, I will do everything possible that is on my hands to help myself, my family and others. I am not a selfish person and I have never been, so ethical egoism theory does not apply to me no matter the situation I am involve. I believe, I am more of a utilitarian, I always like to do good not only to myself, but to benefit others at the same time.

In the example of the hurricane Katrina, I believe I will not only help my family, but others who might need it. I will search for food, and I will first give it to my family, and then share the rest with people who need it. I will create a team work with the strongest people, we can do a lot more to survive as a group than being selfish and alone with only my family. Different teams can look for food,
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With human greed into a free market will make prices and services very high to consumers because most vendors will have the desire of wealth and power.

Do you agree with the argument that corporations are more powerful than governments? Do you expect corporations to become weaker or more powerful in the future?

I do not believe that corporations are more powerful than governments because in most of the countries around the world, government is the one that regulates every corporation in all different aspects; like, prices, products, taxes, etc. I know that corporations can have a lot of influence to the public, and impact in people lives, but corporations definitely not have more power than governments.

In the future, big corporations will definitely become more powerful; however, in a market that is regulated by the government, it cannot gain so much power. The government power will still upfront regulating corporations.

Do you think how people view what is ethical has changed over time?
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